tree surgeon

How To Become A Tree Surgeon

Becoming a Tree Surgeon The typical office, retail, and public sector jobs are not for everyone. Particularly now that we’re well over a year into living with the pandemic. If you’re looking for a change of pace, something based outdoors and in nature, then becoming a tree surgeon might be for you.  What Do Tree […]

Garden Mulch

What is Mulch?

What is Mulch? Before considering when to mulch a garden, it’s important to understand what mulch is, and why gardeners use it in the first place. This makes it easier to understand which type of mulch is most appropriate to use alongside your plants. Mulch is a top-layer gardening material that is spread over the […]

tree with TPO

What is a Tree Preservation Order?

TREE PRESERVATION ORDERS A tree preservation order (TPO) is an order granted by local planning authorities for the longevity and conservation of specific trees. Trees with TPOs are protected by prohibiting: the cutting down of, topping, lopping, and uprooting; as well as, willingly causing any potential damage and/or destruction to these trees. If you are […]

tree survey

Tree Survey For Planning

Tree Surveys For Planning Tree surveys are often necessary for any professional landscape architect’s work. Most people don’t realize they can be important in determining if you have appropriate insurance coverage for schools or colleges with trees on-site. Few homeowners know the significance and importance of tree surveying, especially regarding being insured. With so many […]