What is a Tree Surgeon?

Tree surgeon

What is a Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon is responsible for safely trimming, removing, and chopping down trees. We’ve touched on what a tree surgeon is in our how to become a tree surgeon blog post. Here we’ll examine more specific aspects of the job and the roles within.

What do tree surgeons do?

Tree surgeons have many responsibilities within the ‘tree surgery’ job role. Some elements of the job include, but are not limited to;

  • Tree surveys,
  • Crown work,
  • Branch removal,
  • Pollarding,
  • Felling trees,
  • Clearing fallen trees
Tree surgery

Crown Work:

Much like the crown of your head, the crown of the tree is the foliage on top. Working on these branches and leaves is important as they can limit light received by the rest of the tree.

If a tree can’t get enough sunlight, it can’t photosynthesise, and excess rainwater may struggle to evaporate. On the other hand, fungus thrives in dark, damp places, which we want to avoid promoting on our trees, so crown work can be essential to a tree’s overall health.

Tree Surgeon
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Branch removal:

If a branch is diseased, damaged or otherwise beyond saving then a tree surgeon can remove the branch. This is generally better for the tree’s overall health and the general public’s safety.


Pollarding is removing all foliage and cutting the branches to encourage new growth in a specific way. This is what a tree surgeon does when they strip a tree’s foliage until it resembles a naked trunk.

Pollarding has many complexities; it can’t be performed on all trees or at all times of the year. For example, pollarding may hinder trees that ‘bleed’ a lot of sap. Trees that are pollarded in autumn may also fall victim to fungal growth.

It’s not just aesthetics, either! Pollarding offers a way to keep trees from power lines and other hazards without felling the tree altogether.

Tree pollarding
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Felling trees:

If the whole tree is dead or dying, then tree surgeons can fell the tree in a safe manner. This is essential as it prevents accidents should the tree fall of its own volition, which most dead trees do at some point.

Removing and disposing of a diseased tree can also prevent nearby trees from contracting the disease. If you’ve ever wondered what a tree surgeon is doing when they fell a tree, then there’s generally ample reason for it.

Clearing fallen trees:

If a tree falls and nobody’s around to hear it… then what is a tree surgeon’s responsibility? Tree surgeons can be hired to remove fallen trees from your property. Some tree surgery companies will clear trees that they fell free of charge, whilst others may incur an additional cost.

If you hire Man Coed you don’t need to worry about the mess caused by any felled trees. We will remove any tree waste caused by our work, as it’s then recycled into useful products.

As such, if you need a fallen tree clearing – or any of the additional aspects listed above – then don’t hesitate to get in contact! If not then we hope we’ve at least answered the question of “what is a tree surgeon?”

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