Tree Survey For Planning

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Tree Surveys For Planning

Tree surveys are often necessary for any professional landscape architect’s work. Most people don’t realize they can be important in determining if you have appropriate insurance coverage for schools or colleges with trees on-site.

Few homeowners know the significance and importance of tree surveying, especially regarding being insured. With so many different types of risks today – from flooding to fire damage – protection against unexpected, budget-crippling expenses is more important now than ever. Having certified professionals, who understand their responsibilities, takes the stress out of tree surveys and makes it simple.

In our experience, projects that involve altering an existing property or rebuilding in the same or larger footprint are often only likely to require a BS 5837 tree survey report submitted to the Planning Authority if there is a chance of the development work impacting nearby trees.

Our quality, affordable, and rapid tree survey services mean that you can concentrate on other things: safe in the knowledge that your tree survey needs are covered.


Tree Survey Reports Contain the Following:

A certified arboriculture consultant should work to the British Standard BS5837.

This Standard can help to establish which trees to be kept, and which trees are to be removed by a professional tree surgery company such as Man Coed:

  • Tree identification
  • Dimensions (such as height and dimeter)
  • General health of the trees
  • Recommendations
  • Trees age
  • Expected longevity