special coronet cut on a damaged tree

Reece, one of our arborists, recently performed a “coronet” cut on a Beech tree in Wrexham.
The tree had significant decay and was due to be removed, but by retaining the stem, we have created a monolith for habitat to live in and use. A coronet cut mimics the natural fractures and tears on trees. When limb failure occurs naturally in trees, these new features create a micro-habitat for microorganisms and successive species- woodlouse, earwigs, etc to live in. These, in turn, support birds and bats and other organisms with food and the tree provides a place to shelter.
Coronet cuts are designed to promote decay and benefit microorganisms living off the decaying wood.
The coronet cut technique balances maintaining the tree’s structure and promoting biodiversity. This cut enhances the ecological value of the tree while still ensuring its structural integrity and safety.
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Tree cut
coronet cut