Sycamore Pollard in chester

As part of our ongoing work with Cheshire West and Chester Council, our dedicated team have been carefully pollarding sycamore trees on residential streets. This essential work not only enhances the area’s aesthetic appeal but also ensures the safety and functionality of the surrounding area.

One of the challenges our team encountered during this project was the numerous telephone wires interwoven with the sycamore branches. To tackle this intricate task, our expert team meticulously planned and executed each step with precision and care. We always take into full consideration the tree and create a tailored plan to ensure minimal disruption to the trees’ overall health while addressing safety concerns.

We take great pride in addressing unique challenges while upholding the highest safety and environmental responsibility standards. Our team’s dedication to this project exemplifies our unwavering commitment to providing the Cheshire West and Chester area with top-notch tree care services.

pollarded sycamore
Sycamore tree