Tree Waste Disposal

Offload your brash, woodchip and tree waste from your jobs at our custom made facility in Sandycroft, Flintshire.


tree waste deposal


Save money and off load your wood chip at Man Coed for FREE.

Tree surgeon working in the UK


Get rid of your brash and have your rig ready for the next days work from £20

tree surgeon wirral


We will take any tree of any size and simply get rid of it for you for FREE.

Where do tree surgeons take waste?

Looking to dispose of tree waste? Man Coed VM Ltd have a FREE tree waste disposal centre in Flintshire, North Wales where the public and Tree surgeons can drop off your brash, woodchip and tree waste free of charge, where it will be recycled.

commercial wood chipping

We only take organic plant based waste. 

Please ensure there is NO domestic waste in your load as we will not accept it.
CCTV doesn’t lie!

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