Biomass Wood Chip For Sale

wood chip for sale

Biomass WoodChip For Sale!

If you’ve already spent some time on our Man Coed site, you may have noticed we’re proud of our recycled biomass. That is to say: making sure the trees we perform tree surgery on can be reused constructively.

This is one of the reasons why we offer such a wide variety of biomass woodchip. We understand that wood chip has various uses and certain trees aren’t suited to specific jobs.

Here we’ll touch on different types of biomass wood chip for sale in the Man Coed shop, and some recommended uses for them.

Whole Tree Chips

Our whole tree chip is created from whole chunks of the tree being fed through an industrial chipper. This means that you get high-quality wood and bark in your chip and the leaves or needles too.

This makes whole tree chip a good option for gardening. It can suppress the growth of weeds in flower beds and line paths. You can also appreciate a hint of green from the freshly laid chips.

You also benefit from knowing 100% of the above-ground tree has been retrieved through the whole-tree chipping process! For the environmentalist gardener, this makes whole tree chip the perfect option with biomass wood chip.

Whole tree chip are generally NOT recommended for animal bedding because these pieces are larger and may be eaten by your livestock/ pets. This can cause intestinal damage, and some animals have certain aversions to trees that may grow in the UK.

whole tree chip
Boog with wood chips

Large, Medium and General WoodChip

The large wood chip sold in our shop offers the closest option to a good catch-all biomass wood chip. They’re appropriate for;

  • Animal bedding,
  • Biomass boiler fuel,
  • Wood fuel production,
  • Gardening wood chips,
  • Play area chips.

Our woodchip is dried in our specialist facility, currently the only one of its kind in North Wales! This means if you need a specific moisture content – I.E., for running a biomass boiler, whether a standard woodchip boiler or CHP (combination) boiler, you can request it through our site!

Our Medium biomass woodchip have less all-around usage but are produced with biofuel needs in mind. If you’re new to biomass boilers and fuel, fret not: Man Coed has been recognised by the biomass suppliers list (BSL) for our low moisture, high-efficiency woodfuel!

The large and medium woodchip can be made from hardwood, softwood, or a combination.

Our general woodchip can be used for gardening, biomass fuel and animal bedding. These chips are available to buy in lesser amounts without skimping on quality. Our “bale” size (0.89 meters high x 0.40 meters wide x 0.33 meters depth) offers a great option for bulk rodent bedding!

WoodChip and Man Coed

Man Coed is set apart by our pride for our work and recycled products.

We’re dedicated to ensuring that tree waste isn’t actually waste and can play a further role in the community. Be that through heating/powering your home or business; or by simply prettying up the paths and gardens you walk!

So, if you’re looking for a great biomass wood chip for sale, that’s our speciality!

woodchip for sale