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Vegetation management covers a number of services we offer, from a full on-site clearance or estate management to simple stump removal.

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Man Coed VM Ltd are an award-winning Vegetation management company operating across North Wales, delivering domestic tree work efficiently, safely and inexpensively. Our head office is situated in Sandycroft, on the border of North Wales and Cheshire. 

We specialise in vegetation management, Estate & Grounds Maintenance and Tree management. We can provide advice on all aspects of vegetation management and more. This includes stump removal, branch dismantling, lowering and felling, to complex rotational work plans.

We have experienced teams of fully accredited staff across Wales and the North West, access to a wide range of specialist machinery, and a large pool of experienced vegetation management teams.

We can turn around the most complex jobs in a matter of days from first contact to completion.

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Tree surgery is an expansive field that requires professionals with the skill and education to handle a variety of tasks. At Man Coed we provide many services, including:

grass cutting service

we recycle 100% wood waste

We recycle our waste products, allowing us to offer more competitive prices than our competitors in your local area whilst providing market-leading quality.

As a company, we continually seek ways to improve our offerings. For example, we have recently added two T Series Valtras to our fleet, which helps us service our extensive chipping and site clearance work. 

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Safety first

With so much experience under our belts, we know how important safety measures are when taking care of trees – both during work hours and while maintaining them as part-time homeowners. For this reason, all employees attend annual training sessions where they receive a hands-on education.


If you do not see a relevant service here, contact us anyway as there is a good  chance we will be able to accommodate your needs due to our wide and diverse machinery and capabilities. 

vegetation management