pollarded sycamore

Sycamore Pollard

Sycamore Pollard in chester As part of our ongoing work with Cheshire West and Chester Council, our dedicated team have been carefully pollarding sycamore trees on residential streets. This essential work not only enhances the area’s aesthetic appeal but also ensures the safety and functionality of the surrounding area. One of the challenges our team […]

hedge cutting

Hedge Season is upon us

hedge cutting season is here Discover the Importance of Hedge Cutting this Season Man Coed, where we bring the artistry of hedge cutting to life! As the vibrant hues of autumn approach, it’s time to prepare your garden for the changing season. Our expert hedge-cutting services are crucial to maintaining a picturesque outdoor space you’ll […]

Wrexham university clean up

Wrexham University

Wrexham glyndŵr university Making a Difference at Wrexham Glyndŵr University! Our incredible team joined forces with the university staff and students to give the university quad a fantastic makeover this week! Teamwork and a shared passion for creating a beautiful and welcoming environment for everyone on campus meant the team made light work of the area. There […]

Tree cut

Coronet Cut

special coronet cut on a damaged tree Reece, one of our arborists, recently performed a “coronet” cut on a Beech tree in Wrexham.   The tree had significant decay and was due to be removed, but by retaining the stem, we have created a monolith for habitat to live in and use. A coronet cut […]

Broughton United FC

Broughton United Football Team

Proud sponsors of broughton united football club We are excited to announce that we are now proud Broughton United Football Club sponsors! At Man Coed VM, we love to support and nurture local talent and community spirit. We are pleased to support Broughton United Football Club, an incredible team with a rich history and bright future.As sponsors, […]

Tree Surgeon

Certified Tree Surgeons

Certified Arborists As certified arborists, we cannot stress enough the importance of professional tree surgery. Having a certified tree surgeon or arborist is crucial for maintaining healthy trees and ensuring the safety of your property. Here are some key benefits of hiring a certified tree surgeon, which you can include on a website page:  Expertise and […]

school field line painted

School Field Line Painting

It’s sports day line painting time As the end of the school year approaches and the yearly sports days all start to get planned, are you looking for a company to paint those racing lines? Having nicely cut grass and those perfect white lines may seem minor, but neatly trimmed grass and clear lines on […]


Dam and Reservoir Maintenance Work

dam and reservoir maintenance work Have you ever thought about how dams and reservoirs are maintained? Well, it’s crucial to ensure the smooth running of the area. It helps prevent leaks, damage and ensures the safety of surrounding communities. Maintenance of dams and reservoirs involves a series of activities, such as routine inspections, repairs, grounds maintenance […]

Woodland management

Woodland Management

Woodland management Do you have a woodland area that is unmanaged and getting out of control?We want to help you create a sustainable woodland.With so many woodlands across North Wales and the North West that could be giving back to the environment, we want to help you make that happen.A healthy woodland becomes a habitat […]

The Grounds Maintenance Team in Action

Our grounds maintenance team in action When you ask the grounds maintenance team to get some action shots for us.  We are very proud of the grounds team and all their hard work. Whether cutting grass, weeding, weed spraying, hedge trimming, edging, clearing or planting, they always ensure our customers have a beautiful outdoor area […]