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Fuel Suppliers

If you’re looking online for a biomass fuel supplier in the UK it can be hard to tell the quality of the biofuel you’re getting. Since more rural parts of the countries yield plenty of agricultural and wood waste we’re not short on biomass fuel suppliers.

This guide intends to give a brief overview of biomass fuel and biomass fuel suppliers. This allows people who may be new to the world of biofuel and biomass boilers to make a more informed choice about the fuels, suppliers, and boiler care they choose.

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UK Biomass Supplier

Man Coed is a robust group of tree surgeons and vegetation management experts. Thanks to the investment in two large drying floors, as well as biomass boilers, we can recycle 100% of our daily wood waste. This waste is then recycled into high-quality wood products, like our biomass fuel.

We strive to offer our products and services in a way that is not only economical but more environmentally friendly. All of our woodfuels are BSL approved , potentially qualifying you for RHI payments, and we meet both Woodsure and ENplus quality marks.

Man Coed can cater to anyone needing biofuel; from energy plants to smaller businesses and people with a biomass boiler at home. So, if you’re looking for woodfuel, feel free to browse our online store. Otherwise, we hope this guide has given you the information you need to know about UK biofuel suppliers, and using biofuel.

What is Biomass Fuel?

Biomass fuel is a fuel source made from biological matter. It works via energy conversion; plants, for example, take in energy from the sun through photosynthesis and convert some of it into calories. These calories are then burnt in your biomass boiler, releasing this energy and heating your home.

There are many different types of biomass fuel including;

  • Agricultural waste
  • Wood waste
  • Animal waste
  • Gas
  • Alcohol

Biofuel can be made from almost anything that was once living, as long as it is treated and processed correctly. This makes the fuel easier to store and prevents it from decaying.


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'Guys did a great job . Had me look at the whole job to make sure I was happy .Later ,had an issue which was resolved quickly and professionally . Excellent company.'

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This company went above and beyond to assist me with purchasing a property which had Japanese Knotweed in the garden. Without the support from the staff at Mancoed the house purchase would have fallen through. The customer service is second to none and I can’t recommend them enough! Huge thanks to the team who supported me, Ash x

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Biomass Fuel For Sale

Much like the plant example, livestock like chickens graze on plants, grubs, and other calorie-rich foods that they utilise growing feathers and creating other poultry waste. This waste can be gathered and turned into biofuel too.  However Man Coed specialise in wood and woodchip based biomass fuels such as logs, and woodchip. However, some waste products are easier to refine into fuel than others.

The ability to make fuel from things that would otherwise go to waste is not only impressive from a climate change standpoint but a staple of Man Coed’s business practices. 

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Biomass Fuel:
Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any source of power biomass fuel isn’t perfect, however, searching for the ‘perfect fuel’ is a futile effort. In the search to combat climate change, your efforts are better spent considering how to source ecological and recycled fuels available to you locally, to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Advantages of biomass fuel:

  • Biomass Fuel is carbon neutral.
  • Biomass is readily available anywhere waste is created.
  • As long as there’s biological matter available, biomass is an infinite resource.
  • Biomass fuels save waste from going to landfills.
  • Biomass fuel is generally cheaper to create than fossil fuels.
  • Biomass fuel reduces reliance on finite, environmentally damaging fossil fuels.


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Biomass Fuel Suppliers

It’s vital to go with a trusted biomass fuel supplier when ordering biomass fuel to reduce the overall environmental impact of your biomass fuels and also to ensure you’re getting good quality fuel.

Poor quality fuel will be less efficient at heating your home and may damage your boiler. Although Biomass boilers pay for themselves over time, they are expensive pieces of engineering. 

Lesser quality biomass fuel can ruin your boiler, whether you use wood chips or pellets. Dust and fines (long, thin splitters of wood) can build up in the bottom of your biomass boiler’s wood store; forming a layer and potentially blocking moving parts. Over time this can cause disruptions and eventually lead to the boiler breaking down if left uncleaned.

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Choosing a trusted
Biomass Fuel Supplier

Thankfully, you can care for your boiler easily by making sure that you buy biomass fuel from a trusted UK biomass fuel supplier. In addition, you should also have your boiler serviced once a year; usually in the summer when it won’t be in constant use.

There are also a couple of things you can check to ensure that the fuel you buy from your chosen biomass fuel supplier is of good quality.

Are they on the Biomass Suppliers List?

The Biomass Suppliers  (BSL) is a service run by the UK government listing wood fuels that meet high enough standards to be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This allows those who claim payments from the RHI to prove to OFGEM that the fuel they’re using in their boilers meets the sustainability guidelines required.

This is a beneficial accolade as one of the main selling points of a biomass boiler – besides less reliance on grid-based fuel systems – is the reduced environmental impact.



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Do they have an ENplus certification?

They monitor the entire supply chain from production to delivery; to be transparent, and combat fraud. This is on top of granting a seal after testing the technical specifications of the wood pellets, including;

  • Length,
  • Diameter,
  • Durability,
  • Bulk density,
  • Moisture content,
  • Amount of fines,
  • Amount of ash,
  • Calorie content,
  • Amount of additives.

So whereas the BSL monitors the environmental impact of your wood fuel, ENplus is quality control for wood pellets, and the biomass fuel supplier, specifically.

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