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When we first started Man Coed in 2015 our main aim was to set ourselves apart through a clear set of goals and ambitions. These days we aim to not only provide responsive and professional services – for both residential properties and commercial areas – but also to deliver our work affordably.

Less than ten years later and we’ve already expanded our team to include over sixty fully accredited staff – not to mention some of the excellent relations we hold with our contracted partners. This wealth of on-the-job experience and friendly connections is part of what’s allowed us to open our South Wales office for tree surgery in Cardiff.

Our team of brilliant tree surgeons is available to assist you with any landscaping projects, vegetation management, or tree surgery in Cardiff, and across the entirety of South Wales. Are you wondering what allows us to offer our top-notch tree surgery services at such economical prices? You wouldn’t be the first!

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'Nicest and most helpful work group I've ever come across. When working in a public park, they went above and beyond to help people access the field and play area, and allow dog walkers through. They even cut up some felled tree trunks for me to use in my elderly parents' garden, and refused to take anything in return. (And everyone was using PPE, which is a rarity in itself!).'

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'Guys did a great job . Had me look at the whole job to make sure I was happy .Later ,had an issue which was resolved quickly and professionally . Excellent company.'

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'We contacted Mancoed after an incident on our site when a tree was blown over narrowly missing our main office, received and accepted a quote and the team began the work within a couple of weeks. Mancoed carried out the work in a professional, safe and efficient manner. Would recommend their services. Alumasc Exterior Building Products Ltd.'

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This company went above and beyond to assist me with purchasing a property which had Japanese Knotweed in the garden. Without the support from the staff at Mancoed the house purchase would have fallen through. The customer service is second to none and I can’t recommend them enough! Huge thanks to the team who supported me, Ash x

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Specialist Tree Surgeons

At Man Coed we have invested in our wood drying facility in Flintshire, North Wales. We not only rent this facility out to other businesses, but we also use it to treat the wood waste harvested from our tree surgery jobs in Cardiff. This is how we upcycle our waste materials into the high-quality wood products sold via our online shop which is also on this website.

Thanks to our recycling capabilities we can offer our services at a competitive rate. In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, and decreasing the number of trees cut down to create firewood, animal bedding, biofuel, etc.

It’s more than just marketing: it’s us fulfilling our responsibility as a business to make sure our planet is cleaner for future generations.

Tree surgeon up a tree cutting the top off.

Specialist Tree Surgeons

Tree surgery is an expansive field and the work involved can be dangerous. Learning how to garden or perform DIY tasks is one thing, but when it comes to the safeguarding and felling of trees it’s generally best to leave it to the professionals. This is an integral reason why Man Coed offers tree surgery in Cardiff, as well as across the wider North and South of Wales.

At Man Coed we provide a wide variety of services available to you or your business. We can be with you to attend to any tree surgery, vegetation, or land management concerns, including:

  • Tree surgery
  • Full tree removal
  • Reductions and/or reshaping
  • Working on trees with TPOs*
  • Maintenance of hedges
  • Dangerous limbs reduced
  • Dangerous limbs removed
  • Tree stump removal
  • Commercial Work
  • Working in public areas, such as parks
  • Emergency work and much more….

Our history in Cardiff

The main Man Coed office is based just over the North Welsh border in Flintshire. However, we now have a South Wales office in Ystrad Mynach, Hengoed. This means if you’re looking for emergency tree surgery in Cardiff then our teams of full-time staff are on hand and well-positioned to help.

Our vast range of equipment ensures that we can tackle any task you have for us; whether it’s trimming the trees in your yard or clearing land for an upcoming project in the Cardiff area. Our comprehensive expertise gives us the capability to handle jobs with efficiency and ease no matter their scale. From small home landscaping tasks to massive construction sites, we always deliver in a productive and friendly manner.

tree surgery
two tree surgeons with chainsaws planning to cutting a tree

Working in Cardiff

Cardiff is a diversely developed area, juxtaposing ancient forts and the iconic castle against a more urban environment. Leaving the city, the vibrant greens of idyllic South Welsh villages are striking; with many public parks, walking trails, and a few national trust sites littering the North, South, and Mid Glamorgan counties. 

From the beautiful horticulture of Dyffryn Gardens to the stunning views available on Mynydd y Garth (The Garth), there are countless spots of natural wonder. As such, tree surgery in Cardiff is not only important but vital to the continuing way of life in the community.

Between the capital city, and the surrounding towns and villages, vs these pockets of rural beauty; Cardiff is a celebration of development and power being able to exist alongside nature. This means that tree surgeons in Cardiff provide an integral service: not only to areas like the public parks, but in residential zones as well.

Tree Surveying in Cardiff

Trees in public places need to be surveyed so that The County Council of the City and County of Cardiff knows when specific trees are going to need work performing. While trees are beautiful they can also pose potentially costly hazards, especially in a country that experiences high winds.

Benefits to having a tree survey performed include:

  • Reduced danger of falling branches
  • Reduced danger of trees falling
  • Reduced risk to public health
  • Improves pedestrian safety
  • Minimises potential vehicle/ property damage
  • Minimises disruptive powerline damage
  • Having a tree surgeon in Cardiff perform a tree survey every 3 – 5 years may also prevent trees from dying prematurely, as transmittable diseases can be detected and treated earlier.
tree survey

Residential or commercial work?

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No Mess, No Fuss

We take pride in clearing away the wood waste created during our tree surgery work and recycling it into usable wood products for sale. Whether it’s time for full-scale forestry management or trimming the trees in your garden, we’ll make sure your property looks great once the work is done!

Our staff have extensive experience and skills ready to demonstrate as tree surgeons in Cardiff, The Vale Of Glamorgan, and the wider South Wales area. Check out some of our work in the case study below


Man Coed is a professional company offering tree surgery in Cardiff, as well as land or vegetation management. We have a 4.6 star rating – and plenty of reviews from pleased clients – on Google;  we always strive to complete our work to the highest standard.

We are reliable arborists, vegetation management experts, and tree surgeons working in Cardiff with years of experience in the business. All of our employees also receive annual training sessions where they can refresh their hands-on education.

Tree surgeon pruning a tree.
commercial tree surgeon

Contact Us Today

The client to contractor relationship is integral to us, and we always do our best to provide an excellent service that surpasses your needs. If there is any other way you think we we may be able to assist you then please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Residential or commercial work?

Our Online Shop

Have you bought any of the woodchip, mulch, or other products available from the Man Coed store? If you live in any of the Morgannwg (Glamorgan) counties in Cardiff, then chances are this may not be the first time you’re seeing this wood!

From Bute Park and the Llandaff Fields to Creigiau, Penylan, and Thornhill; our work takes us all across South Wales.

So as you’re sitting toasty, burning our mixed softwood and hardwood logs to heat your home; you can rest assured that the wood involved was possibly local sourced! Not only that, but by providing other services we can offer our tree surgery in Cardiff and areas beyond for a much lower cost. Combine this with the reduced environmental impact of collecting the wood waste ourselves and it becomes a win-win-win situation!

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Domestic Tree Surgery

Fully insured team of domestic and residential tree surgeons based in North Wales


We sell woodfuel and logs. Buy a single delivery or enjoy free delivery with a monthly subscription
from £40


Offload your brash, woodchip and tree waste at our processing facility in Sandycroft.