TREE Surgeon Wirral

Man Coed VM Ltd is a tree surgeon company operating across the Wirral, with their head office in North Wales. They offer quality tree surgeon services at competitive prices and have the expertise to work on all aspects of your needs, from branch dismantling to lowering or felling trees for safety purposes.

We offer a variety of tree-related services you’ll find useful; whether it’s your home or business, we have the expertise and equipment to help get the project done.

Tree surgeon working in the UK
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Tree surgeon up a tree cutting the top off.

We specialize in maintaining all types of trees – big and small alike! Need some trimming? Want someone on hand around the clock, just for emergencies? We’ve got you covered with commercial/domestic tree surgery as well as general tree maintenance services, delivered by experienced professionals who understand that every client has different needs when it comes to caring for our green friends.

Man Coed deliver domestic tree work efficiently, safely, and inexpensively. We can turn around the most complex of jobs in a matter of days, from first contact to completion.

Established in 2015, we have experienced teams of fully accredited staff across the Wirral and the North West of England, with access to a wide range of specialist machinery and a large pool of experienced tree surgeons across Wirral.

Residential or commercial work?

Tree Surgeon Services we Offer

Tree surgery is an expansive field that requires professionals with the skills and education to handle a variety of tasks. At Man Coed, we have the expertise to provide many services which include:


Tree surgeon pruning a tree.
Tree surgeons moving a tree

No Mess, No Fuss

We can take care of tidying up after tree surgery: from your home’s garden to full scale forestry management, we have the extensive experience and skills to deliver across the Wirral – we’ll make sure your property looks great!

With over 60 full time staff; a vast range of equipment, and custom-built facilities; we are well positioned to handle tree management and tree surgery projects of any size on the Wirral. As always, our company is constantly looking at ways to improve our services, so that you can enjoy a more welcoming experience with us!

With the help from some amazing people, including all our contractors and staff members, who work together on the ground level as one big team; alongside those in support roles like finance or administration; we’re able offer great services catered specifically towards your needs.

two tree surgeons with chainsaws planning to cutting a tree

Affordable Tree Surgeon Service

We recycle our waste products in to Biofuel with allows us to offer more competitive prices than our competitors  on the Wirral whilst providing market leading quality.

As a company, we are continually looking at ways to improve our offerings. We have recently added two T Series Valtras to our fleet, which help us service our large chipping and site clearance work.

Commercial Tree Surgery

Man Coed offers services for a variety of clients, including local authorities and private companies. such as Conwy council and Wrexham council 

Man Coed has been contracted by multiple prestigious organizations across the Wirral: such as non-profit associations, and governments; to offer tree care services with professional arborists at hand.

The company is dedicated to providing the best quality work possible, all whilst maintaining professionalism amongst employees. We can provide the following to you:

  • Annual pollarding
  • Safety clearing
  • 24/7 emergency work
commercial wood chipping

Residential or commercial work?

Domestic Tree Surgery

Fully insured team of domestic and residential tree surgeons based in North Wales


We sell woodfuel and logs. Buy a single delivery or enjoy free delivery with a monthly subscription
from £40


Offload your brash, woodchip and tree waste at our processing facility in Sandycroft.






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