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Our popular kiln dried hardwood logs have a moisture content of between 14% and 18%. This means our logs provide you with a long, sustained burn, and release rich aromas without the acrid smoke caused by damper woods. Our high-quality hardwood logs are therefore better for your lungs as well as your chimney.

All of our premium logs are pre-split for your convenience, meaning they can go straight from the net bag to your stove or fireplace!

We are WOODSURE™ approved.

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Hardwood Logs For Sale

All of our kiln-dried hardwood logs for sale are locally sourced, produced and dried onsite at our specialist facility in Flintshire and ready for delivery in bulk bags. This process is recorded and checked during each stage once on our drying floors. Kiln drying the logs and checking their moisture content allows us to deliver consistent quality in all of our logs for sale. With between 14% and 18% moisture content, our firewood should offer the long-lasting, hotter burn you expect from hardwood logs.


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'Nicest and most helpful work group I've ever come across. When working in a public park, they went above and beyond to help people access the field and play area, and allow dog walkers through. They even cut up some felled tree trunks for me to use in my elderly parents' garden, and refused to take anything in return. (And everyone was using PPE, which is a rarity in itself!).'

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'Guys did a great job . Had me look at the whole job to make sure I was happy .Later ,had an issue which was resolved quickly and professionally . Excellent company.'

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'We contacted Mancoed after an incident on our site when a tree was blown over narrowly missing our main office, received and accepted a quote and the team began the work within a couple of weeks. Mancoed carried out the work in a professional, safe and efficient manner. Would recommend their services. Alumasc Exterior Building Products Ltd.'

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This company went above and beyond to assist me with purchasing a property which had Japanese Knotweed in the garden. Without the support from the staff at Mancoed the house purchase would have fallen through. The customer service is second to none and I can’t recommend them enough! Huge thanks to the team who supported me, Ash x

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Why Hardwood?

Hardwood logs usually burn hotter and much longer than any softwood logs. This is due to hardwood being denser – therefore offering more mass to burn – and having a lower sap or resin content than softwood. In turn, the high mass of our hardwood logs means they can be a bit more difficult to light a fire with.

In return, hardwood logs are ideal for keeping a fire going. If your logs are roughly the same size then softwood burns up much quicker than hardwood; meaning you’ll use up more logs if using only softwood. Hardwood can burn at high temperatures and last for a couple of hours depending on the size of the log and how you structure your fire. This means when burning hardwood you have to refuel your fire less often and can focus on more important things.

Just be aware that not all stoves can burn hardwood efficiently, so if in doubt it’s a good idea to check your stove’s fuelling recommendations.

Why Choose Man Coed’s Logs For Sale?

Sourcing all of the wood sustainably through our tree surgery work is one of the curbstones of our process. It helps in giving back to the environment and preventing trees from being needlessly cut for the sole purpose of creating wood products; such as hardwood logs.

For the past several years, the team at our North Wales based processing plant have utilised two 75m2 drying floors; to turn what would be wood waste into the recycled products sold on our online shop. This means 100% of the logging waste from our daily tree surgery jobs can be dried and processed into high-quality firewood or biofuel – like our slow-burning hardwood logs.

The wide variety of trees we have access to through our bigger tree surgery/ vegetation/ grounds management contracts means that more wood waste can be turned into logs. These jobs can often entail the removal of many tree limbs, or trees altogether, that can be processed on our drying floors and turned into prime hardwood logs for sale.

Hardwood logs are usually more expensive than softwood logs, so using hardwood recycled from our tree surgery work across the local area means we can offer our products at a competitive rate. All of our logs are also Woodsure approved Ready To Burn so if you’re looking for high-quality logs for sale then look no further!

Man Coed

Whether it’s out during tree surgery operations or processing the waste gained into great quality recycled biomass products, Man Coed are always looking for ways to improve. If there’s anything else we can assist you with then please don’t hesitate to get in contact.