Hardwood Logs


Our kiln dried hardwood logs are locally sourced, produced and dried onsite at our facility in Sandycroft. The process is recorded and moisture content checked during each stage once on our drying floors. We aim to produce a product between 14% and 18% moisture content to allow optimum burn.

We are WOODSURE™ approved.

£75.00£140.00 available as regular delivery

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We kiln dry in our own on-site drying rooms and kiln. As a result, our hardwood logs are a perfect choice for your fire. This product is hardwood only. Many wood burners and fires prefer softwoods and have difficulty burning hardwood efficiently and at a good temperature. Locally sourced and ready for immediate delivery. We are a professional tree management company in North Wales. We deliver in both North Wales and the North West with tree services and excellent quality kiln-dried wood fuels.

Our own fully bespoke processing facility in Sandycroft North Wales always has a massive stock of products available for delivery. We also supply animal bedding and wood chip to a similarly high standard.  We are accredited members of the Arb association

Hardwood Logs are the best timber for a high temperature slow-burning fire.