Woodchip – Large G50 – Bulk Bag

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Force dried premium wood chip delivered in various quantities direct from our specialist facility in North Wales.

Please select the quantity of wood chip you need for your delivery and the price will adjust accordingly. We offer free delivery on larger quantities.


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Sustainably sourced, fresh woodchip suitable for a wide range of applications including animal bedding, Biomass fuel and wood fuel production and garden wood chip.

We sell our woodchip for landscaping and gardening by volume in cubic metres, Bulk bags and Bales.

Our premium force dried woodchip can be produced to any moisture content specific to your needs if required. We recommend around 18% to 22%  moisture for an optimum burn on standard wood chip boilers and 4% to 8% on CHP boilers.

This can be produced from hardwood and softwood or a mix with only virgin timber. Our G50 large-sized woodchip is all locally sourced so always ready for immediate delivery. We also have a whole tree woodchip if you do not need the quality offered by our premium woodchip.

Our specialist tree waste processing facility in North Wales produces huge amounts of great quality force dried woodchip. The facility also produces kiln dried logs and wood shavings.
Man Coed is the only company in North Wales with this size of the wood processing facility.

We chose to invest in our wood chipping facility to make a recycled product from the trees cut by our tree management division.


Meter Cubed = 1m high x 1m wide x 1m depth

Bulk Bag = 0.85m high x 0.85m wide x 0.85 depth


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Man Coed VM Ltd. We are an award-winning tree surgeon and woodchip producing company operating across North Wales; delivering efficient, safe work at a low cost in Sandycroft on the border between England and Wales.

We specialise in wood chippings and log production resulting from our,  tree management and domestic tree surgery. We can provide advice on all aspects of tree surgery and more; including tree safety, branch dismantling, lowering, and felling.