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Our kiln dried hardwood & softwood mixed logs are locally sourced, produced and dried onsite at our facility in Sandycroft. The process is recorded and moisture content checked during each stage once on our drying floors. We aim to produce a product between 14% and 18% moisture content to allow optimum burn.

We are WOODSURE™ approved.

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Where Do Our Wood Products Come From?

Man Coed have demonstrated skill in tree surgery and vegetation management since first being established in 2015. Thanks to this experience we were able to invest in two biomass boilers – as well as two 75m2 drying floors – in 2017. This means 100% of the wood waste from daily jobs can be recycled into high-quality wood products; like biomass fuel, logs for sale, wood chips, and animal bedding.

A large-scale tree surgery job may require the pollarding of many trees or the removal of a tree altogether. As such, recycling this wood waste has the added benefit of requiring fewer trees to be cut solely to create something like animal bedding or logs for sale. We also have access to a larger variety of trees allowing us to sell high-quality wood products at a competitive rate.

Take our hardwood and softwood mixed logs, for example. These logs are salvaged from the tree waste created during our tree surgery operations, and processed into Woodsure approved logs at our specialist facility in Sandycroft, Flintshire.

Kiln drying the logs and checking their moisture content throughout the process allows us to deliver consistent quality in all of our logs for sale with between 14% and 18% moisture for an efficient burn.



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'Nicest and most helpful work group I've ever come across. When working in a public park, they went above and beyond to help people access the field and play area, and allow dog walkers through. They even cut up some felled tree trunks for me to use in my elderly parents' garden, and refused to take anything in return. (And everyone was using PPE, which is a rarity in itself!).'

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'Guys did a great job . Had me look at the whole job to make sure I was happy .Later ,had an issue which was resolved quickly and professionally . Excellent company.'

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'We contacted Mancoed after an incident on our site when a tree was blown over narrowly missing our main office, received and accepted a quote and the team began the work within a couple of weeks. Mancoed carried out the work in a professional, safe and efficient manner. Would recommend their services. Alumasc Exterior Building Products Ltd.'

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This company went above and beyond to assist me with purchasing a property which had Japanese Knotweed in the garden. Without the support from the staff at Mancoed the house purchase would have fallen through. The customer service is second to none and I can’t recommend them enough! Huge thanks to the team who supported me, Ash x

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Why choose Softwood And Hardwood Mixed Logs?

Hardwood and softwood both have their benefits and drawbacks when it comes to log burning. By using mixed hardwood and softwood logs you can get the best of both worlds; especially if you need to keep a fire or stove lit for an extended period of time.

If your logs are roughly the same size, then softwood logs generally burn up quicker than hardwood logs. This is because hardwood logs are denser and therefore have more mass to burn, which in turn means that these logs take much longer to start burning. Also, some wood-burning stoves may be unable to burn hardwood logs, so if in doubt it’s a good idea to check your stove’s fueling recommendations.

As such, softwood logs are ideal for getting a fire started but hardwood logs are better at keeping a fire going – with the added benefit of needing to fuel it slightly less often.


  • Easier to burn
  • Burns quickly
  • Can reduce the need for kindling


  • Denser
  • Some burners struggle burning hardwood
  • Generally burns for longer
  • Can reduce time spent refuelling

When looking at logs for sale, it’s important to know what you’re after.  Mixed softwood and hardwood logs are ideal for homes heated with wood-burning stoves or fireplaces. Having mixed logs means you can utilise the benefits of both types to reduce the time spent keeping your home warm in the winter!

Man Coed Logs For Sale

Here at Man Coed, sustainability and tree surgery go hand in hand. This is one of the reasons why we’ve expanded our selection of premium, recycled logs for sale in our online shop. We sell mixed hardwood and softwood logs, as well as offering each type of log separately.

Our logs are high-quality, recycled and Woodsure approved Ready To Burn so if you’re looking for mixed hardwood and softwood logs for sale then look no further!

If you still need assistance feel free to give us a call.