Wood Shavings - Bulk Bag

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Premium wood shavings. Suitable for a wide range of applications including animal bedding and wood fuel production.


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Wood Shavings Description

Our Kiln dried Wood shavings are the perfect product for a wide range of applications including animal bedding, energy production garden mulch and more. Wood shavings conserve moisture in the soil and prevent weeds and grass from growing. They keep the plant roots cool during hot summers.


Meter Cubed = 1m high x 1m wide x 1m depth

Bulk Bag = 0.85m high x 0.85m wide x 0.85 depth

Bales = 0.89m high x 0.40m wide x 0.33 depth


How Much Do Wood Shavings You Need?



Wood shavings are a great way to keep your plants healthy and moist, but they also serve many more functions! From animal husbandry, all the way up through processing food or building materials, these little pieces of wood shavings can be found doing some pretty amazing things.
Wood Shavings’ utility as an environmental protection agent is clear when you consider how much energy goes into removing them from landfills so that they don’t end up breaking down over time – this would release harmful methane gas instead (a potent greenhouse gas). And thanks to its use as mulch in garden plots where it helps conserve moisture while preventing weeds at plant root zone levels.

What are Wood shavings

Wood shavings are the waste obtained when the wood is shaped or planed using carpentry tools and machines like planers, mills. They do not have fixed size but generally curl up into thin layers which peel off surfaces of boards during processing in such devices called “planing” (or even more specifically-a machine equipped with various blades). Wood chips become flat and pile together well to form huge heaps


We are the leading supplier of high-quality Wood shavings for Biomass, Animal Bedding and more. We use recycled timber which has been collected by our domestic and commercial tree surgery operations. Our company is BSL Approved, Rospa Member, and we work closely with suppliers who share these certifications as well!
We offer to provide our customers with long term stability, deliver wood shavings and bespoke contract solutions for your biomass boiler. We also have onsite chipping services available with the T Series Valtras machines that we use in all of our projects.
We supply and deliver Wood Chip to North Wales, Cheshire and Shrewsbury areas.
Man Coed Ltd are an award-winning tree management and Biomass producing company operating across North Wales; delivering domestic tree work efficiently, safely, and inexpensively. Our head office is situated in Sandycroft, on the border of North Wales and Cheshire. We can offer a quality, value for money, professional tree surgeon service.
We specialise in wood shaving products,  tree management, commercial tree surgery, and domestic tree surgery. We can provide advice on all aspects of tree surgery and more; including tree safety, branch dismantling, lowering, and felling.
We have experienced teams of fully accredited staff across North Wales, having access to a wide range of specialist machinery and a large pool of experienced tree surgeons.


We can take care of tidying up after tree surgeon work in your garden, to full-scale forestry management to ensure your property looks great after. Man Coed has extensive experience and the skills in tree surgery to deliver across North Wales.
With over 60 full-time tree surgeon staff and a vast range of equipment across North Wales, and custom-built facilities we are well-positioned to handle tree management in projects large or small. Whether you’re looking for some basic trimming around your pool decking or if it’s something more involved like having an entire lot cleared out before putting up new homes; our team is here in North Wales to assist!
We can turn around the most complex of jobs in a matter of days, from first contact to completion.