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Man Coed VM Ltd are an award-winning ash tree surgeon company. Here you will find out more about how we work and information about Ash Trees.

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Ash tree surgeon

Man Coed VM Ltd are an award-winning ash tree surgeon company operating across the North West, with their head office situated in Sandycroft, on the border of North Wales and Cheshire. We offer quality and value for money, professional ash tree surgeon services and can provide advice on every aspect of your needs.

We offer a variety of tree-related services you’ll find useful. Whether it’s your home or business, we have the expertise and equipment to help keep trees healthy so they can flourish in their natural state for years to come.

Established in 2015, we have experienced teams of fully accredited staff across Wales and the North West of England. Having access to a wide range of specialist machinery and a large pool of experienced tree surgeons across North Wales.

Ash trees species ?

Ash is a flower tree that can grow up to between 100 feet (30 meters) and 130 feet (40 meters). Its flowers are red and the leafage is deciduous.

There are over sixty different types of ash trees on the planet. However, there is a difference in size between them, as some grow best in open spaces, whilst others live well among forests; the red ash and white ash species respectively.

The Fraxinus angustifolia has narrow leaves, which make it perfect for growing near rivers or ponds where sunlight can reach easily through dense foliage, but they also do great surrounded by thick forest!

How to care for an ash tree?

Pruning your ash tree in the fall can make it shapelier and more durable. If you let your tree grow without pruning then its elegant appearance will soon fade, as it’s just a matter of time before any dead branches start toppling over.


More information about ash trees

Ash is a tree that grows quickly, and with time its trunk can grow up to 3 feet (1 meter) in diameter. Although its leafage appears late, around the month of May, it will stay on the trees until early winter comes around.

Ash has many health benefits making it one of the best possible types of firewood: since the ash tree’s dense wood doesn’t burn too fast or hot due to high resin content!

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More About Man Coed Ltd.

Man Coed VM Ltd are an award-winning Tree Surgeon company operating across Bangor, with their head office situated in Sandycroft, on the border of North Wales and Cheshire. We can offer a quality, value for money professional service. We can provide advice on all aspects of your needs. This includes tree safety, branch dismantling, lowering and felling. We specialise in Tree management, commercial tree surgery and Domestic Tree Surgery.

We can take care of tidying up after tree surgery: from your home’s garden to full scale forestry management, we ensure your property looks great afterwards. Man Coed have extensive skill and experience in tree surgery to deliver across Wales and the North West of England.

With over 60 full-time staff, a vast range of equipment and custom-built facilities; we are well positioned to handle tree management in projects large or small. Whether you’re looking for some basic trimming around your pool decking, or if it’s something more involved like having an entire lot cleared out before putting up new homes: our team is here to assist! We also have the option of working on bigger jobs with other contracting companies, which means that no job is too big for us!


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Your tree survey will be carried out by a qualified and experienced professional tree surveyor who will visit your premises and record the required information relevant to the structure and physiological condition of each tree and produce a clear survey that is easy to understand.

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