How Good are Wood Shavings for Horses?

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Whether you’re a new horse owner or a long time equestrian, it’s important that you do what’s best for your animal. If you’re used to using wood shavings for horses’ bedding then you know how efficient they can be.

wood shavings for horses
wood shavings

Wood Shavings For Horses

Whether you’re a new horse owner or a long time equestrian, it’s important that you do what’s best for your animal. If you’re used to using wood shavings for horses’ bedding then you know how efficient they can be.

However, horses can be fussy animals and prone to damaging themselves; so it’s vital you understand the potential risks.

Premium wood shavings, Order Online Today!

Why are wood shavings for horses’ bedding so popular?

Wood shavings are considered a popular choice for horse bedding for a reason.


The shavings specially produced for animal bedding are usually nice and soft. As well as being highly absorbent: an important quality for stall bedding. Additionally, if your horse spends a lot of time in their stall then absorbance levels and comfort become vital.

Wet shavings will generally clump together and are easy to spot, making them no problem to clear. Since soiled bedding is best removed sooner rather than later, this is another reason wood shavings are a common choice.

Horse wood shavings
wood shavings for horses

They’re also a good bedding for combining with other types of animal bedding. For example, topping reusable store mats with wood shavings for horses to reduce the amount of shavings needed.

Kiln dried wood shavings, such as the ones sold on the Man Coed shop , are also dust free. This is important for both the horse and owners with respiratory issues.

So essentially, wood shavings are popular as horse-bedding as they’re a good all-rounder.

The Risks of Using Wood Shavings and How to Avoid Them

Something that’s vital no matter what type of bedding you use, is making sure it’s fit for the job. Use products specifically marketed for working with animals. There are multiple purposes for wood-based chips, shavings and pellets, so it’s important that they’re animal-grade quality.

After all, certain trees – such as black walnuts – are entirely toxic to your horse. So always use products that are sold as animal bedding when using wood shavings for horses.

The ammonia that rises as fumes in horses’ urine is damaging to their lungs; thankfully, wood shavings are easy to clean. So, preventing your horse from damaging their lungs is as simple as regularly clearing soiled bedding from their stall.

wood shavings for horses

Be wary of your horse potentially eating their bedding. They can be prone to do this sometimes as it’s the horse’s natural urge to forage telling them they need more fiber. Despite the horse’s gastrointestinal tract being potentially harmed by eating the wood.

You can prevent expensive vet’s bills – or worse – by testing a small amount of bedding with your horse. If the horse shows interest in eating the bedding then do not bed their stall with it. You may also want to increase the fiber and protein in their diet.

It’s also not advisable to use wood shavings for horses that are foaling. Lots of smaller pieces of bedding will stick to the mare and her foal during the birth, which isn’t ideal.

Man Coed’s Wood Shavings for Horses

Here at Man Coed our wood shavings are kiln dried in our specialist facility to a moisture content of 14%. This makes them the perfect wood shavings for horses as the amount of dust they produce has been vastly reduced.

Our specialist equine bedding  is made from recycled timber, and will keep your horse warm and comfortable in a hygienic stall. Just be mindful that the stall still needs to be cleaned regularly, as even the best bedding isn’t stronger than the hooves of a stallion!

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